Atelier Carlex has come up with a three-axle Mercedes-Benz X-Class for track (photo)

Unit Pickup Design Polish tuner Carlex presented another project on the base of truck Mercedes-Benz X-Class. This is a road version of the six-wheeled X-Class 6×6 Concept Exy with a body of carbon fiber and a very narrow specialization. For example, a truck could be the safety car for some racing series.

Three-axis Exy Monster X Concept still in rendering. The authors promise that to stand out among other shestiklasnikov will help him fully carbon body. Composite will be made and all the elements of the kit from the front wheel arches to the spoiler on the door of the loading platform. Road “monster” will feature a pair of winches (front and rear), and the body, paint the inside a special protective paint contrasting yellow color.

In addition, the pickup truck will receive the underestimated sports suspension with widened track, carbon-ceramic brakes mounted on the roof led “chandelier”. In the cabin will install racing seats with leather trim.

Information about the finalization of the technical stuffing no. The top diesel is the 3.0-liter is capable of producing 258 horsepower and 550 Nm of torque, driving a regular pick-up to the first “hundreds” of 7.5 seconds.

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