Ford introduced the 645-horsepower Mustang to the Australian Supercars racing series (photos)

The Australian division of Ford Corporation introduced the Mustang coupe racing series Supercars. This season the Mustang will replace the Falcon sedan — a model for local production, where Ford played since 1967.

Mustang coupe for a series of Supercars co-developed the Australian team DJR Team Penske and Tickford Racing with the American division of Ford Performance.

Despite a similar appearance, racing the Ford Mustang has nothing to do with the serial. It is based on a unified chassis with space frame, double wishbone suspension and a rear transmission.

This explains the strange proportions of the car: so far all racing car series Supercars apparently copied the serial sedans, which are significantly narrower and higher Mustang. The external contours of the first time was specially modified so that aerodynamic drag and downforce exactly match the characteristics of the former Falcon sedan.

When the transition to the new model was only planned, Ferdowsi were going to move to a turbo V6. But in the end, these plans were deferred: under the hood of the racing Mustang was the same atmospheric V8 volume of five liters, and “Falcone”. This is a special racing engine, created on the basis of the engine for American series NASCAR — Signalny, with double flap cylinder heads, a capacity of about 645 horsepower.

Now in a series of Supercars in addition to Ford brands with the liftback Holden Commodore (local version of the Opel Insignia) and Nissan with the Altima sedan. However, Nissan in the past year stopped factory support the project, and now the team Kelly Racing acts in the status of “privateers.” In the recent past, there were teams on sedans Volvo and Mercedes-Benz.

A series of Supercars has a nationwide popularity is the sport number three in Australia, after Australian football and cricket. In the season calendar-2019 fifteen stages, the first of which will be held March 2-3 in Adelaide.

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