Hypercar Bugatti Divo, which has not been built yet, sell nearly 8 million euros

The Munich dealer DI Automobile put up for sale the hypercar Bugatti Divo – not exactly for the “live” car, and a place in the queue for its construction. Announcement appeared on the website of Mobile.

For a place in the queue and the car itself will have to pay in total 7 913 500 euros. Thus the dealer will work on Bugatti Divo nearly three million euros – the price of the hypercar began on a five million Euro. Just 40 will be built. They’re all sold out according to preliminary applications.

Instance Divo, offered for sale, will go into production by the end of the year it is expected to be ready December 28. The car was ordered in black color and with the interior of Alcantara.

Divo – this is an extreme version of “Chiron”. The model has a different exterior, retuned suspension and aerodynamic development of the tail, which generates up to 456 pounds of downforce at 90 pounds more than the Chiron. Divo weighs 35 pounds less than the “Chiron”.

Hypercar is equipped with the same 1500-horsepower engine 8.0 W16 with four turbochargers and automated manual transmissions. “Hundred” the car takes 2.4 seconds. Limited top speed of 380 kilometers per hour.

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