In 2018, the Ukrainians have bought 5.3 thousand electric vehicles

In 2018, the Ukrainians have purchased 5.3 thousand electric cars, which is almost twice more than in 2017.

It is reported “Ukrautoprom”.

It is reported that in the structure of the primary market of cars that run solely on electric, continue to dominate cars with mileage, the share of which amounted to 83.5%. Demand for new electric vehicles showed a higher result than the old car.

In particular, the most popular electric car in Ukraine remains the Nissan Leaf, which covered 64% of the primary market on electric cars. For the year Ukrainian residence received 3378 cars of this model. Of this amount, 94% of vehicles were foreign-owned.

The second place Ukrainians gave the BMW i3, 352 by purchasing these cars, of which 69% – old.

The third result from TESLA Model S – 259 (64% of cars with mileage).

In fourth place Mercedes-Benz B-Class Electric Drive – 168 (76% cars with mileage).

Closes the top five Renault Zoe – 142 (84% cars with mileage).

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