New Toyota Supra will get a four-cylinder motors

Rear-wheel drive sports car the Toyota Supra, the fifth generation, has just presented at the auto show in Detroit, will be in addition to six-cylinder engines and more four-cylinder: such cars will be sold in Japan.

Sports cars Toyota Supra since its inception in 1978, always conformed to the same recipe: rear-wheel drive chassis and an inline six-cylinder engine. For this scheme, the machine of the fifth generation, created in collaboration with BMW — rear-wheel drive platform of the BMW Z4 and the six-cylinder turbo engine B58B30 from her.

But Supra the fifth generation for the first time in history will be a budget version with a four-cylinder engine is a two-liter turbo engine BMW B48B20. Two-liter car will get vosmidiapazonnym “automatic” as the top version of the sports car.

The four-cylinder engine will be offered in two versions – with a capacity of 197 and 258 horsepower. They differ markedly and traction features: Junior version the maximum torque is 320 Nm between 1450 to 4200 rpm, high — 1550-4400 400 Nm at rpm. For comparison, the six-cylinder Supra — force 340 and 500 Nm.

Significantly different dynamics: 197-HP version accelerates to 100 kilometers per hour in 6.5 seconds, 258-strong in 5.2. While the six-cylinder Supra performs the same exercise in 4.3 seconds.

But four cylinder cars much easier, and the difference is mostly on the front axle: their curb weight is 1410 and 1450 kg, respectively, vs 1520 pounds from the six-cylinder model.

New Supra with a four-cylinder engine designed exclusively for the Japanese market. These machines will produce in less affluent trim SZ and SZ-R. without exception, the Toyota Supra sports car will be assembled in Austria at the Magna Steyr plant, on the same Assembly line with the BMW Z4.

Supra first three generations were also produced in the budget version with two-liter engines — but it was the native six-cylinder engines with a reduced displacement. This was done for the sake of getting more favorable tax category. Through official channels such sports cars were only sold in the domestic Japanese market.

But the four – “Supra” was created only for racing: the cars fourth generation turbo 3S-GTE performed in the 90-ies in the Japanese JGTC championship. The designers of these racing machines decided to abandon six-cylinder engine family JZ because of his excess weight.

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