The key is not needed. Hyundai is preparing a car that you can unlock with fingerprint

Korean company Hyundai introduced a new automotive system that enables drivers to access vehicle fingerprint.

The technology will be available on the SUV Santa Fe 2019, which is intended for China market, writes Engadget.

According to a South Korean automaker, several owners can register their encrypted data of the fingerprints for the same car. And, depending on the person using the car, it will automatically adjust the seat position and the angle of the mirrors.

A future update may also allow the biometric system to add individual settings of temperature, humidity and steering, say in a Hyundai. However, at the moment, the company plans to limit this feature of China.

Technology fingerprint exist for a long time, however, in cars their use was delayed due to a number of unresolved problems of safety and reliability of the sensors. According to the developers, the probability of error identification system – one to 50 thousand.

Another technology in Santa Fe includes a system to alert passengers in the back, which uses ultrasonic sensors to detect movements of children. The car is also equipped with a voice recognition system with Chinese Internet giant Baidu and a charger for your wireless phone.

This is not the first time when keys are used instead of fingerprints, but the technology is unlocking never before inserted into the door handle of the car. For example, the Tesla Model 3 owners already use their smartphones as car keys, while the rest of the industry (including Hyundai) busy creating standard virtual keys.

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