Volkswagen Jetta allocated in a separate brand (photo)

The company will allocate the Volkswagen family Jetta in a separate brand, aimed at a younger audience. Model of the new brand, designed exclusively for the Chinese market will be assembled at the plant of FAW-Volkswagen in Chengdu.

In the opinion of the Board of management of Volkswagen brand Jetta will help the company to gain a foothold in the middle price segment between the more expensive VW and a lot of brands the entry level, which occupies ⅓ of the Chinese market. In addition, the Jetta is one of the iconic Volkswagen models in China, enjoying great popularity.

The Jetta lineup will consist of sedans and two crossovers. Under the new brand developed a new format of sales points that will attract the target audience. We are talking about digital showrooms, pop-up sites in shopping malls and mobile truck stores.

Last year, cumulative sales of the Volkswagen Group in China reached 288 4 881 car, of which 3 172 080 had on the VW. The performance of brand in two times exceeded the volume of its nearest competitor — Honda. The most popular car in China was the VW Lavida (503 825), an analogue of the Jetta, which was produced at the site of Shanghai Volkswagen, Jetta well, with a score of 327 695 instances in the overall ranking finished in seventh place.

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