Will the Mercedes-AMG will make easier and more powerful

Mercedes-AMG has had to postpone the launch of a series of hypercar One due to problems with the adaptation formula of the power plant. In addition, according to information obtained from anonymous sources, it became known that the engineers intend to make a hybrid dvuhdverka lighter and more powerful.

This writes The Supercar Blog, citing insiders. According to rumors, the weight of the commodity will not exceed 1,350 kilograms and power will be slightly above the originally planned 1054-horsepower. For One develop a package of options Motorsport, which will include more extreme aerodynamics, together with the increased efficiency of the power plant.

The company believes that the dynamic performance of the will find yourself on a high level: up to 300 kilometers per hour, One will go for 11 seconds. Therefore, we intend to establish an absolute record of the Nurburgring for a car with a permit on public roads. Now preparations for the arrival.

The prototype will Mercedes-AMG Project One introduced in September last year at the Frankfurt motor show. Dvuhdverka equipped with a power unit from a racing car Mercedes W07 F1 Hybrid. In was composed of a 1.6-liter turbo engine that vosmidiapazonnoy robotic gearbox, five electric motors and lithium-ion batteries. According to preliminary information, the total output of the unit will be 1054-1248 horsepower.

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