Williams will help Lotus in building a competitor Valkyrie

Lotus company has signed a strategic partnership agreement with the engineering firm Williams Advanced Engineering, which will be jointly conducted “research and development in the field of advanced propulsion technologies.” According to rumors, Williams will help Lotus to build a hypercar rival the Aston Martin Valkyrie and the Bugatti Chiron.

Earlier it became known that the project received the internal name Omega. Four-wheel drive electric supercar will be equipped with multi-engine propulsion and a battery pack, created with the use of next generation technologies and high density storage charge. The batteries will maintain a connection to high speed terminals and will allow you to drive up to 400 kilometers without recharging.

It is assumed that the hypercar Lotus Omega will receive an advanced energy recovery system braking and cooling power electronics. Used car solutions will allow you to drive at least one lap on the race track in “fighting” mode.

Williams can offer Lotus technology, which formed the basis of the experimental cart for electric FW-EVX. Due to the extensive use of carbon fiber, it is made even wishbone, it is 40 percent lighter than comparable platforms from other manufacturers. In addition to the carbon fiber in platform construction, there are more modern composite materials: a “flat” composite 223TM and Racetrack, created by the technology of injection of injection of resin.

Firm Williams Advanced Engineering has repeatedly collaborated with car manufacturers. Thus, the company helped the Singer in the Studio working on a project 500-horsepower supercar based on classic Porsche 911, Jaguar is to build prototype coupe C-X75, and Singapore Vanda Electrics in working on electric hypercar Dendrobium.

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