2024 Acura ZDX Type S Teased

2024 Acura ZDX Type S Teased


Acura plans to revive its ZDX nameplate for a midsize electric SUV due out in 2023, and on Tuesday the automaker posted photos of a prototype for a Type S sporty variant. Prototypes for the regular variant are also being tested.

The new ZDX is one of two electric SUVs announced by Acura parent company Honda in 2020. The other is the midsize Honda Prologue, which is also scheduled to arrive in 2023. Both will arrive as 2024 models.

Both have been designed around General Motors’ Ultium dedicated EV toolkit. GM will also build the vehicles, while Acura and Honda will be responsible for interior and exterior designs and driving characteristics.

2024 Honda Prologue

Acura said the ZDX will get styling cues anticipated by the Precision EV concept it unveiled in August during the 2022 Monterey Car Week. The concept was an SUV with proportions similar to those seen in ZDX concept cars.

Judging by the concepts, the ZDX will also have a lot in common with the Ultium-based Cadillac Lyriq. The designs of the A, B and C pillars appear to be common to both SUVs, although the D pillars are unique.

For future electric vehicles, Acura will rely on platforms developed by Honda. The first of these is scheduled for 2026 and will be based on a platform known as e:Architecture.
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