BMW is preparing supercar to compete with McLaren

BMW will develop a 700-strong supercar, which will be replacing the i8 and will get a hybrid powerplant.

The German brand believes that the new supercar would be able to compete with McLaren and Ferrari models, according to Autocar.

Part of the hybrid innovations will include a new gasoline engine with six cylinders and an electric motor. The basis of the new coupe will be taken by the superstructure i8 of the individual carbon modules.

Klaus fröhlich, member of the Board of BMW, responsible for product development, hinted that super-sports car is under development. “If you are an engineer, at least once in your life you want to create a Supersports car. I think that partial electrification will make it,” said Frohlich.

The total output of the power plant will be around 700 HP, which is almost two times more than the i8 (369 HP) and about 80 HP more than the new M8 (620 HP). The basis of the hybrid will form carbon chassis used in the BMW i8.

“If we have these very compact and very powerful electric drive units, if we have a chassis made of carbon fiber, for example, as at i8, and if we still have high-performance engines, if you act clever, you can combine them into a real package. If you look at supercars – McLaren, Ferrari – after 2020, they will be partially electric”, – said FR.

Cost the car will be significantly more expensive BMW i8, that is, more than 130,000 euros. For the price it very close to competitors. For example, McLaren 570 is 160 000 euros. The supercar will release a limited edition to highlight its exclusivity.

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