BMW will release a competitor, “budget” McLaren

Manual BMW is considering adding a line of M-cars supercar that could compete with the McLaren 570S. If such a car will appear, it will become an indirect successor-in hybrid i8 and demonstrate the latest achievements in the field of electrification, the creation of ultra-lightweight composites and new materials.

The publication Autocar, citing the head of the development Department of BMW Klaus Frolich, says that the supercar will form the recycled carbon fiber “truck” from the i8. Power plant machinery will consist of a gasoline engine and several electric motors, but unlike the i8, which uses a three-cylinder engine, the new plug-in hybrid will be equipped with row “six”. The estimated capacity is more than 700 horsepower.

The supercar will enter the market until 2023. BMW hopes that this time will be more efficient electric motors and batteries. For example, the brand name designed unit eDrive will not give 100 horsepower and 250 Nm of torque, and 200 forces and 513 Nm of torque. The price of the hybrid will be more than 150 thousand pounds sterling, and here he will compete with McLaren 570S and Honda NSX.

The latter is equipped with a 3.5-liter twin-turbo V6, three electric motors and nine-storyed “automatic”. The total output of the power plant — 581 horsepower and 646 lb-ft of torque. From standstill to 100 kilometers per hour hybrid accelerates in 3.2 seconds. Top speed of 308 kilometers per hour.

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