Ford is Recalling nearly 1 million vehicles

Corporation Ford recalls worldwide 953 thousand vehicles equipped with defective airbags Japanese company Takata, which has already killed more than 20 people.

Subject to recall including crossovers Ford Edge and Lincoln MKX the 2010 model year, pickups Ford Ranger 2010-2011 model years and the sedan Ford Mustang 2010-2014 model years.

More than 780 thousand of the recalled cars were implemented in the United States. Ford agrees to install a new airbag for free.

Takata was at the center of scandal in 2014. As experts established US regulators made the Takata airbags due to a malfunction in the accident may not be disclosed properly, and to burst or shoot at people with pieces of metal.

According to the Agency Associated Press, these incidents in the world killed at least 23 people, several hundred were injured. Just because of problems with Takata airbags in the world has been withdrawn more than 100 million cars.

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