House on wheels from Mercedes for 205 000 (photo)

This version of X-Class is unique enough in her set all the options the most expensive. Now this is one of the best equipped homes on wheels with the value of 205 000.

The German company Matzker, who became known for his revision of the car Land Rovers for traveling and expeditions, has introduced its own version of the Mercedes-Benz X-Class. According to the company, they used a pickup truck to prepare it for an Autonomous life in the desert. Instead of a cargo compartment located apartment module from the drop-down tent the second level. On the ground floor there is a kitchen and all necessary for survival in the wild.

Inside the cabin the changes are not made. The entire focus is concentrated on the interior design of the camper, where it is used quite a utilitarian look with a finish of burnished metal. Between the cockpit and the residential module in the left aisle, so passengers can relax during the journey.

In addition to Kemper, the company Matzker modified suspension, increasing ground clearance, and also installed a locking rear differential. As options are available a powerful solar panel, spare wheel holder, hot water system and a large fuel tank for extended range.

Value off-road caravans starts from 102 000 to 205 000.

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