Hyundai showed the new Sonata (photo)

The company Hyundai has published the first photos of the Sonata sedan next generation, done in the new corporate style Sensuous Sportiness (sportiness sensitive). The inspiration for the style of the model was the concept of Le Fil Rouge.

The concept of Sensuous Sportiness is based on four principles: proportion, architecture, style and technology. In the guise of a “Sonata” design language is expressed through a multi-layered body lines, three-dimensional surfaces, and convex and concave shapes. In profile, the sedan resembles the coupe and it is to this perception sought designers.

Compared to the current generation car, the new sedan has become a bit more wheelbase grew by 35 mm, a total length of 45 millimeters. Vehicle height decreased by 30 mm, and width has increased by 25 millimeters. A feature of the Sonata was cascading grille, reminiscent of sports cars, as well as “invisible” daytime running lights that are off look like a chrome part of the decor.

The architecture front, the new “Sonata” to remind about the planes-invisible beings “the Stealth”. It is made as narrow as possible, when looking to create the effect of floating in the air. To trim used leather and lightweight woven materials. Tidy digital, and the selector transmission — electronic shift-by-wire.

The public debut of the Hyundai Sonata new generation will take place at the motor show in new York in April of this year.

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