In Germany, the automakers will invest more than 40 billion euros in electric vehicles

The head of the Association of the German automotive industry Bernard Matthes said that the industry of Germany has intention within three years to invest in making electric cars more than 40 billion euros, and also going to triple the number of available vehicles for the buyer. It is reported Bloomberg.

Mattes said that this plan is associated with the decision of the EU to reduce carbon dioxide emissions into the atmosphere, and for this task it is necessary to expand infrastructure.

“In Europe there comes the growth of electromobility,” said the head of the Association.

He also noted that the moment buyers put off from buying electric cars, high prices, limited distance travel on a single charge, as well as the infrastructure. But he is confident that in the next three years, major car manufacturers of Germany will present on the market of a hundred models of electric vehicles. Mattes believes that people should be more incentives for the purchase of such vehicles.

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