Jaguar Land Rover will learn to deal with motion sickness

Future models of Jaguar Land Rover will be able to determine the tendency to sickness and to automatically change the settings of the chassis, the air conditioning system and the seat to combat motion sickness. For this large-scale study was developed a sophisticated algorithm that calculates a “health indicators” of the driver and passengers.

Statistics show that the motion sickness in the car is subject to more than 70 percent of the people, and have been so far little is known about the causes and ways of combating it. Experts JLR traveled more than 24 thousand kilometers, to organize data and analyzed the effects caused by, e.g., checking email in the car. It is possible to create the basic movement algorithm for UAVs with a minimal amount of taxiings.

The likelihood of motion sickness is proposed to be reduced with the help of adaptive suspension settings, voice prompts, navigation, the display position of the multimedia system and holder for a smartphone, as well as adjustable seats.

Information about the physiological state of the driver, this system receives from the biometric sensors. These data are superimposed on the speed indicators and transverse loads for the formation of “health”. Based on it the algorithm determines the probability of sickness and the appropriate way adjusts the vehicle.

To deal with motion sickness in cars offers Citroen. French manufacturer invented glasses SEETROËN inside of the rim which is a liquid moving in a frontal (left – right) and sagittal axis (forward – backward). Thanks to her glasses recreate the horizon line, eliminating the conflict between various senses.

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