McLaren Speedtail: 1050-horsepower hybrid with a flexible body panels

Company McLaren has revealed detailed information about the will Speedtail — the most technologically advanced and fastest model in the brand’s history. Hypercar received a full carbon fiber body, aluminum suspension active and patented flexible ailerons, performing the function of a wing. All 106 instances Speedtail already sold.

McLaren Speedtail built around custom designed for the model a carbon fiber monocoque. The body in the form of elongated droplets is also made entirely of CFRP. Machine length — the 5137 millimeters. The will feature active suspension with levers made of aluminum, carbon-ceramic brakes and a special version of tyres Pirelli P-ZERO. The total mass of the hypercar is 1430 pounds.

Hybrid power plant with total capacity of 1050 horsepower McLaren Speedtail accelerates from zero to 300 kilometers per hour in 12.8 seconds. For comparison, a McLaren P1 it takes 16.5 seconds. Acceleration to “hundreds” the manufacturer has not yet disclose. The maximum speed of a will is 403 kilometer per hour.

In the back of the McLaren Speedtail there are many air duct for optimum distribution of the air flow. The front wheels are fixed, closed aerodynamic covers, carbon fiber. For aerodynamic reasons have no hypercar door handles and the side mirrors are replaced by a retractable door cameras. Located behind the pair of movable ailerons from flexible carbon fiber, which are integrated with a carbon fiber body — the distance between moving part and fixed only one millimeter.


Salon hypercar is equipped with three armchairs with frames of carbon fiber. The top of the windshield samosatenus. Used in the decoration of thin-film carbon, developed clock manufactory Richard Mille. This material consists of a large number of very thin layers of carbon fiber, twisted at an angle of 45 degrees and creating on the surface of the picture “flowing water”. Made of it, in particular, an overhead console, paddle shifters and plates on the wheel.

In addition ugleplastika, used in the decoration of unique skin, during production of which the surface is blown into the air, making the material softer and lighter by 30 percent. The hypercar buyer can choose the pattern and color of the decorative stitching, add embossing.

McLaren Speedtail will be the first model developed under the strategic development plan Track25. According to the document, within seven years, the brand will release 18 new cars, all cars will be hybrid. Also have a new auxiliary control system and high performance battery power to provide up to 30 minutes on the race track

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