Mercedes-AMG C63 S Coupe modifications RDBLA and Prior Design (photos)

Serial sports model Mercedes-AMG C63 S Coupe even in the standard is a very aggressive and bright car. However, presented in the article instance stands out even among his own kind primarily because of its lime color. New colors Lime Green, as well as a few exterior modifications, the model C63 S Coupe got in the Studio RDBLA in Los Angeles.

On arrival at the Autocentre RDBLA vehicle has not been in stock: it sported a custom body kit from Prior Design. A set of body kits includes updated front and rear bumpers with enlarged air intakes and new wide wings and a big carbon wing on the boot lid.

American workshop, in turn, added to the set of the vented hood of its own production, a set of custom disks Zito, suspension kit H&R and the above colors of Lime Green, which made this C63 Coupe’s is visible for several blocks.

Despite the flashy exterior, the Interior of the car was left untouched. The same applies to the contents of the hood: standard 4.0-liter doctorindy engine Mercedes-AMG stock produces 503 HP and 700 Nm. Cost even without replacing the exhaust system, because Mercedes-AMG C63 S without any modifications – very loud model.

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