New 1600-horsepower Koenigsegg received a very quick 9-step “robot” (photo)

Swedish Koenigsegg was showed in Geneva, the successor to the record-breaking Agera RS — hypercar Jesko. Its name dvuhdverka received in honor of father Christian von Koenigsegg. Novelty equipped with the upgraded twin-turbo “eight” and a revolutionary powertrain LST.

In motion Koenigsegg Jesko leads the modified 5.0-litre V8 engine. The engine received a new turbocharger, an intake system, more accurate pressure control and a steel “flat” crankshaft. This neck of the crankshaft, the weight is only 12.5 kg, located at an angle of 180 degrees, which provides a faster response on the gas pedal and sonorous sound. To reduce vibration inherent in the units with “flat” crankshaft, use active support, and also ultra-light rods and pistons.

In addition, Jesko equipped with air supply system to the turbo, which spins the blades to ensure immediate response. It consists of carbon fibre tank and a small compressor, providing intermittent flow of air with a pressure of 20 bar.

Engine output is 1280 forces on regular fuel and 1,600 forces in the use of bioethanol E85. Peak torque of 1,500 Nm, of which a thousand are available in a range 2700-6170 rpm. The claimed top speed of 483 kilometres per hour.

Another innovation — nine – “robot” Light Speed Transmission (LST) of its own design Koenigsegg. He is able to jump to any optimum acceleration gear and equipped with a mechanism of double toggle: the first press on the stalk switch raises or lowers the transfer, the second one chooses the best option for instant acceleration. Node LST weighs 90 kg, while the traditional DCT — about 140. Switching time —20-30 milliseconds. “Robot” ISR Lamborghini Aventador switches 50 milliseconds.

The Koenigsegg carbon monocoque Jesko 40 millimeters long and 22 millimeters higher than the Agera RS. Static torsional stiffness — 65 000 Nm/deg. Reinforced wishbone and bearings are now the biggest of those used in road cars. Adaptive dampers from Öhlins equipped designed Koenigsegg controllers and electronics, and a horizontal isolator system Triplex to Dogdore not “squat” during acceleration, and is now installed on the front axle. In addition, the rear wheels Jesko thruster.

At the speed of 250 kilometers per hour aerodynamic elements Jesko generates 800 pounds of downforce. This value increases to tons to 275 kilometers per hour. It is 30 percent more than the Koenigsegg One:1 and 40 than the Agera RS. Even the side mirrors on legs-the wings create a clamping force of 20 kg.

The Koenigsegg Jesko equipment includes electro-hydraulic Autoskin, opening doors, hood, and manages the clearance and the position of the active rear spoiler and flaps in the bottom, wireless charging for smartphones, adjustable pedal unit mounted on handlebars digital dashboard, running specially designed SOFTWARE.

The total circulation of the edition Koenigsegg Jesko will be 125 copies. Price — about three million dollars.

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