New model Bugatti: “fin” and the lights in the entire width of the body (video)

Bugatti showed in the video is a modern interpretation of a rare pre-war 57 SC Atlantic coupe. According to rumors, the car is built in a single copy to the former head of Volkswagen of Ferdinand Piha, and its cost is 16 million euros.

The company has previously published in social networking post, which asked the question: is it possible to transform the design language of the coupe under the requirements of the XXI century? Now it became known that the car will get tail lights in full width of the body, as, for example, Chiron, and characteristic for the model of the Central “fin”.

It is not clear how designers are adapting the style 57 SC Atlantic to the mid-engined layout “Chiron”. In fact, according to rumors, it will be based on a unique car. Alternatively, the Bugatti can borrow the platform of the Volkswagen concern or issue with the original hypercar, but not so much different from a donor body.

In all there were four instances of Bugatti Type 57SC Atlantiс, but remained only three. In 2010, one of the “Atlantico” sold at auction for $ 30 million.

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