Nissan 370Z has replaced the aspirated to twin-turbo “six” with the “mechanics” (photo)

On tuning show SEMA in Las Vegas debuted “charged” version of the Nissan 370Z sport coupe – Project Clubsport 23. It is equipped with a wide range of accessories that will be available in dealerships of the brand, while retaining the factory warranty.

The standard Nissan 370Z coupe, which in the current generation sold since 2009, equipped with a 337-strong atmospheric “six” in volume of 3.7 liters. Tuners replaced this motor on three-liter six-cylinder twin-turbo unit VR30DDTT issuing 405 horsepower. On production machines, the engine can be found on the Infiniti Q50/Q60.

This turbo has never aggregated with a manual transmission, but for Project Clubsport 23 engineers still managed to dock it with a six-speed manual transmission. However, I had to replace the clutch and all the control electronics.

In addition, the coupe received a new system of intake and exhaust, and intercooler, more powerful brakes, rear sameblock Nismo with cooling system, sport suspension with KW shock absorbers and Eibach springs, 18-inch wheels Rays.

Inside, there are “buckets” Sparco, a new steering wheel, fire suppression system and additional control devices.

As they say “Nissan” in the case of public interest in such a machine, the company can produce a finished set of components that will be required to self-alteration coupe track in a similar car.

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