120000LM H7 H11 LED Headlight 480W High Power H1 H4 H8 H9 HB4 HB3 9005 9006 9012 Turbo Lamp 4575 CSP Chips 6000K White Car Light




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120000LM H7 H4 H11 LED Headlight 480W High Power H1 H8 H9 HB4 HB3 9005 9006 9012 Turbo Lamp 6000K White Car Light

Some models need to cooperate with the decoder to work. If you install for the first time and are not sure whether it can work, please contact me.


1.LED chip type: Latest CSP Chips

2.Power: 480W

3.Color temperature: 6000K Pure White

4.Lumen/Luminous: 120000LM/pair

5.Working voltage: DC 9-16 V

6.Material:Aluminum Body Heat Fast

7.Application: Headlamp, Fog lamp

8.Beam angle: 360° Lighting

9.Working temperature: -40~+150 degree Celsius

10.Dust/waterproof grade: IP68

11.Life: more than 150000 hours

12.Heat Dissipation Theory : Vacuum Double Copper Tube,Aviation aluminum 6063, 12000RPM Fan

13.Fast Speed Cooling Fan,All in One Design Play and Plug


1. New design: The new product adopts high-quality LED chips, with more stable color temperature, green environmental protection, and long stable life.

2. High brightness: The new product adopts 12 4575 LED chips, high luminous efficiency flux, uniform light pattern, no dark spots, super bright light center, providing a wider illumination angle and a longer range to illuminate the road.

3. Vacuum Double copper tube: The lamp bead base plate is composed of two high-quality copper sheets, matched with a vacuum copper tube, the heat conduction effect is better, and the heat conduction effect is achieved. The temperature of the lamp bead is quickly and efficiently transferred to the bottom fan, and the heat dissipation effect is greatly improved

4. Double-effect integrated heat dissipation, built-in heat dissipation system: equipped with hydraulic fan, the speed can reach 12000rmp (the common models of other sellers are double ball fans, the speed is less than or equal to 7000rpm), the heat dissipation is faster, the fan shaft is made of copper, the fan is stable, and the noise Smaller, making product life up to 150,000 hours

5. The drive scheme adopts constant current intelligent temperature control module (intelligent current control, maximizes the efficacy of LED, protects the lights and improves driving safety)

6. The lamp body is made of die-cast aluminum, and the whole lamp body is treated with double-layer oxidation to prevent rust and corrosion.

Package Included:

2x Led Headlight

Additional information

Brand Name



Mainland China

Car Model

Almost all models





Color Temperature




Emitting Color

6000K Cold White

Feature 1

H7 led canbus

Feature 2

h1 led canbus

Feature 3

h4 led bulbs for car

Feature 4

High power led

Feature 5

H1 H3 H7 H8 H9 H11 9005 9006 HB3 HB4 9012 LED Headlight

Feature 6

Car led headlight

Feature 7

480W High power


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