KONNWEI BK200 Bluetooth 5.0 Car Motorcycle Truck Battery Tester 6V 12V 24V Battery Analyzer 2000 CCA Charging Cranking Test Tool


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KONNWEI B2100 Bluetooth 5.0 Car Motorcycle Battery Tester 6V/12V/24V Battery Analyzer 100 to 2000 CCA Charging Cranking Test Tools for the Car

Different from the traditional testing method. KONNWEI BK200 is using the newest Bluetooth technology to detect the car battery, you no longer have to stand in front of the car waiting for your testing work, after connecting the car battery you can open the app on your phone/tablet for car battery testing work, which is customer friendly and easy to use. With KONNWEI BK200 automotive battery tester, we can check the overall health of the battery, including the cranking test, and run a complete system charging test. The cranking test is to test and analyze the starter motor to check if the starter motor is working properly, and the charging test is to check the state of the charging system to avoid damaging the battery. It is much more convenient than driving a few miles to a nearby auto repair store. Our Bluetooth car battery tester is compatible with all 6 vol/12volt and 24 volt lead-acid batteries include regular flooded, AGM flat plate, AGM spiral, GEL, and EFB Lithium batteries with the test range (100-2000 CCA). Compatible with cars, motorcycles, trucks, RVs, ATVs, SUVs, boats, yachts, mowers, and even golf carts. KONNWEI BK200 is Plug-and-Play, and it provides Accuracy testing reports within seconds, greatly improved the testing speed compared to other battery testers. It also has a polarity reversal protection function. The clip reversal will not damage the tester, and will not have any adverse effects on the car and the battery. KONNWEI BK200 can directly test the loss of power battery, no need to be fully charged first and tested. Support for multiple languages such as English, Spanish, German, Russian, Italian, French, Portuguese, etc. The actual language depends on the system language setting of your phone/tablet. The language display will follow your system language change.

Top reasons to choose KONNWEI BK200

1.Support 6V motorcycle, 12V car, 24V truck,battery detection
2.Support multiple devices online at the same time: just click the icon in the upper left corner to select.
3. Support sharing battery test result:just click sharing icon to generate report sharing
4. Graphical battery test results.
5. Cranking test: analyze the minimum voltage of the car’s starting process, when the minimum voltage is lower than 7.5v ,it will affect the car’s starting. And it will analyze whether the highest voltage is higher than 13.5V, if high than 13.5 V that indicates the generator is in normal output situation.
6. Charging test:analyze whether the power generation output is normal through voltage and ripple voltage.
7. Support free update online.
8. Support 13 languages: Chinese, English, German, French, Japanese, Dutch, Russian, Spanish, Italian, Korean, Portuguese, Polish,Persian.
9. Support 9 battery standards.
10. Support Bluetooth 5.0 connection by Android and IOS.

Deep analysis the for Battery Voltage Monitor

You can do deep analysis battery voltage by APP data.

Copper – plated alligator

Pure copper-plated material,large mouth opening, strong bite force, more accurate testing.

KONNWEI BK200 support free update and sharing test result.

Support sharing battery test result:just click sharing icon to generate report sharing

KONNWEI BK200 support all 6V/12V /24Vbatteries

Compatible with 6V-12V -24V Vehicles & motorcycles and steamship batteries.including ordinary lead-acid battery, AGM flat plate battery,ACM spatial battery, and Gel battery etc.

KONNWEI BK200 support 9 battery standards:


KONNWEI BK200 support 13 languages:

KONNWEI BK100 support Chinese, English, German, French ,Japanese, Dutch, Russian, Spanish, Italian , Korean, Portuguese,Polish, Persian.

KONNWEI BK200 specifications:

Support batery type:
Motorcycle battery, Oridinary lead-acid , AGM Flat plate,AGM winding, GEL, EFB, Lithium batteries.

Software display:

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1*BK200 Bluetooth battery tester
1*Retail box
1*user manual

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