Supercar Audi R8 has been updated and become more powerful (photos)

Audi has updated its R8 mid-engined supercar. Refinements had been not only the appearance of: and slightly modified technical stuffing.

About changes in appearance that could account for the recently refreshed coupe racing Audi R8 LMS GT3 category. Serial supercar also received an aggressive front end with a “faceted” grille wider and three slots above it, in the spirit of the Sport Quattro coupe 80-ies. The change and shape of the ventilation grille to the rear bumper.

There are changes and on the technical side, although they are small. Announced improvements to the suspension and other settings of the power steering (as in the basic version, with traditional rack-and-pinion mechanism, and an optional mechanism with a variable gear ratio). In addition, a new calibration of the stabilization system has improved braking performance: braking distance from a speed of 100 kilometers per hour was reduced by 1.5 meters, with 200 kilometers per hour — five meters.

Contrary to the predictions about the advent of the turbo V6 2.9 Porsche Panamera, the only engine remains naturally aspirated 5.2 V10 with dry sump system. This unit is still offered in two variations according to the level of force, but the power both increased. Out of the younger version brought up to 570 horsepower (+30 HP), senior — to 620 strength (+10 strength). To increase the power managed by the use of lighter titanium parts valve mechanism. After restyling the flagship version will change the name instead of the prefix plus the supercar will receive a performance designation.

The same engine is placed on the Lamborghini Huracan, but the Italian supercar is still a bit superior to the Audi R8 on the impact — his power is 580, 610 or 640 forces depending on the modification.

Increasing the power slightly improved acceleration dynamics: acceleration to 100 kilometers per hour all modifications spend 0.1 seconds less. The base coupe with a 570-horsepower engine does it in 3.4 seconds, Roadster — 3.5 seconds. Their maximum speed is 331 and 329 kilometers per hour. Top-performance version performs the same exercise in 3.1 or 3.2 seconds respectively, the maximum speed — 324 or 322 kilometers per hour.

In the list of options includes 20-inch wheels (regular supplied 19-inch), front stabilizer bar carbon fiber and aluminum, as well as the brakes with carbon ceramic discs.

The car can still choose a coupe or a Roadster with a folding fabric roof. The updated Audi R8 will go on sale in Europe in the first quarter of 2019. Prices are still unknown.

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