SUV Lamborghini Urus adapted for racing (photos)

Lamborghini presented the racing version of the SUV-Urus – ST-X. the Car is a status concept, however, is a prototype of a real machine, which in 2020 will participate in the African brand.

By removing some of the equipment, SUV’s 25 percent lighter serial machine that weighs nearly 2.2 tonnes. The engine remained the same (650-strong Biturbo “eight” volume of four liters), but the chassis has been reconfigured, and body rigidity in torsion increased the installed roll cage.

Also the car has added a fire suppression system, fuel tank, meets the standards of the FIA, and 21-inch wheels with Central nut.

The future stages once the Lamborghini Urus will be held in Europe and the Middle East. In this race it is planned to spend on asphalt tracks and off-road.

Buyers of the SUV will get the brand technical support from the company to each race weekend. Commodity version of this car will debut next year.

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