The debut of the mid-engined Chevrolet Corvette was postponed because of problems with the electrics

Chevrolet had to postpone the presentation of the mid-engined Corvette to move the launch date of the sports car in the series for at least six months. Unnamed sources talk about “serious problem with the electrics,” which will entail the replacement side of the grid.

The website GM Authority says: the electrical system of the sports car cannot cope with the load, the only solution is its complete rewrite. This means that engineers not only have to replace the wiring, but also a piece of equipment that would require a revision of the supply chain and coordination with key suppliers. The delay can be up to six months.

New Chevrolet Corvette C8 will first go to a mid-engine layout. Until recently, the only sports car was introduced, although in 1959, General Motors was working on a prototype XP-719, specification for which was: “the Corvette with the rear-mounted V8”.

Rumored mid-engined Corvette will be named Manta Ray, the complex of active aerodynamics with moving skirts, spoiler and dampers in air ducts, suspension with lift system able to change the center of aerodynamic pressure, as well as hybrid 1000-strong version.

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