The first images of the supercar Lamborghini Huracan (photo)

Company Lamborghini has distributed the first teaser of the supercar Huracan. According to Auto Express, the images appeared in a special mobile application, which have access to only customers of the brand.

According to the publication, after the restyling of the supercar will get a more aggressive front part of the body in the style of the current top-end variant Performante. The design of the back will change completely: there will be a new diffuser and taillights, while the exhaust pipes are located is much higher than it is now.

First the market will be updated coupe and spider LP610-4, as well as rear-wheel drive variant LP580-2. “Charged” version of Performante, which appeared recently, will remain unchanged – its restyling this year should not wait.

In the cabin, judging by the spy pictures, the center console will be a large touch screen that will replace all buttons.

As for the technical stuffing, the Huracan has received an upgraded suspension and a more powerful V10 engine. Returns will increase by about ten horsepower to 590, and 620 horsepower depending on modifications (in accordance with that change and index model).

Premiere of a supercar is to be held in the near future, but the exact date is not reported.

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