Tuner “Opel” release organicann party shuting breaks on the base Corvette (photo)

Firm Bitter from the German Automotive Ennepetal, specializing in refining models of Opel, will release a small series of shuting breaks at the Chevrolet Corvette C7. The public debut of the coupe-wagon will take place in 2020 at the motor show in Geneva. The mintage of the release will not exceed 20 copies.

About shuting-break the Corvette was not known. The company published only renders where you can see the new front fenders with ventilation slots of other, new tail lights and nozzles for exhaust pipes. Perhaps in Bitter Automotive not without modifications and technical stuffing: upgrade the suspension and increase the efficiency of the engine.

Shuting-break on the base Corvette offers American tuner Callaway. He developed a styling-package you can install like a stock coupe, and tuned sports cars. To do this, use a separate body panel out of carbon fiber, which is mounted on the standard mounting of the rear lid.

Firm Bitter founded by Erich Bitter in 1973, became famous thanks to the launch of production models Bitter CD. This three-door hatchback became a marketable version of the prototype, shows Opel at the Frankfurt motor show in 1969. Guide the brand did not support the idea of running models in series, so it took Bitter. The basis of coupe design was the prototype of the work of Frua. Engine — 5.4-liter V8 with a capacity of 230 forces, borrowed from Chevrolet. There were collected 395 instances.

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