VIP bus. Representatives of Lexus is thinking about creating a minivan

The head of Lexus in the Philippines Raymond Rodriguez appealed to the Japanese company with a request to create a luxurious minivan. According to Rodriguez, the car has good market potential in Asia.

In the US, market segment, minivans are not very popular because customers like the crossovers, but in the Philippines the situation is different. Paying attention to the market success of the Toyota Alphard, the head of the local Lexus division Raymond Rodriguez appealed to the company asking them to make a luxury van.

“I think it’s only a matter of time,” said Rodriguez in an interview with Auto Industriya. — “Being a premium brand, Lexus wants to keep up with competitors”.

Despite the fact that van Lexus obviously will not be as popular as a similar model of Toyota in the Philippines still believe the logical creation of the minivan under the premium brand. It, according to Rodriguez, will be buying, not to stand in line for Alphard.

Thus, despite of waiting in the Philippines, the Lexus is hardly interested in the van, as the brand considers its priority the crossover segment — has released a compact model of the Lexus UX, is preparing the successor to the full-size Lexus LX.

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