Volvo is developing an unmanned vehicle of a new type

Automaker Volvo and Chinese Internet giant Baidu are joining forces to develop a self-driving car of the fourth level of autonomy.

Volvo will be responsible for the car platform, and Baidu will develop the software, reports Bloomberg.

“The idea was to develop a car: we offer cars, part of the software,” said President and CEO of Volvo Car Group Hakan Samuelsson.

According to Samuelson, unmanned vehicles of the new type will not necessarily look the same as normal private cars. The agreement implies that the created companies the cars will be fully electric and designed for use as an unmanned taxi.

The purpose of the companies consists in development of unmanned vehicles of the fourth level of autonomy. This level implies that the car is able to move fully autonomously, and the driver does not need to follow the road and take control even in difficult situations.

China is the largest car market in the world, is expected to play a dominant role in the world market of cars with autopilot. According to McKinsey & Co., Volvo said that by 2030 the market of Autonomous vehicles in the region will reach $500 billion.

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